is a resource for Paleo-friendly restaurants and activities all over the world, with contributions from me, Paleo-friendly businesses, and Paleo Trippers — foodies like me that love to travel and enjoy life while maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. The focus of food is on those that adhere to Paleo principles, but they’re great options for everyone. Read more about the Paleo diet here, but essentially it focuses on a eating quality meats (preferably grass-fed, organic, or wild), vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs and healthy fats. This is great for just about everyone, although definitely check with your healthcare professional before making any dietary changes. This site is also great for those following gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free and/or dairy-free regimens.

In addition to offering restaurant and activity options, I’ll also blog about my own travels and experiences. I’m a lover of baking (and eating) so you can definitely count on my sharing many recipes made using wholesome and healthy ingredients that you can feel good about eating, even if you don’t follow a Paleo-diet.

The site is currently in its infancy, but I am so excited to see it grow and evolve to meet your needs over the coming months and years. Please share your feedback and ideas for how this site can help you more on your travels and in your hometown via the contact form or email me at needs your input to be the best it can be. Check back soon on ways you can contribute!



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